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Ho Chi Minh City

Disicpleship Training School

Join our DTS to start your journey with Jesus to the end of the earth. At YWAM HCMC, we will do what it takes to know God and to make Him known, together.

Where we are

Ho Chi Minh City.

[Sai Gon] was called the pearl of the Far East? This is what we heard from our parents, but the new is not yet the better. And the old doesn't leave us yet!

It was not easy for our parents who lived through or after the war. It created in our young heart, not just the previous generations, deep wounds and hurts as well. It is not war that they wanted to live in, but it is also not modern city that we, as young Christians, want to live for.

We are now living in the 21st century with more things to concern rather than to celebrate.  Though we see a lot positive changes from the surface, but as we walk deeper to the heart of the city, we don’t know what is yet to be found. We are still living the city of man, not of God.

Ho Chi Minh City
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Who are they

Vietnamese and Christ Jesus

Wealth is not life. Money can’t buy the truth. Health is not the way. Jesus Christ is. He does great things in each individual life. When they found Him, they follow Him. A new wave of mission is at the shore of the city, young people are flooding it with passion and dream. They await for a Savior to lead them to eternity, like the Israel cried for help in Egypt.

They are hungry for truth. They are looking for the way. And they want to live. Discipleship is not easy for Christians in the city when it offers many attractive things, but the winner is not yet decided. Jesus is in the city and His people as well. He will redeem them and send all to all. Vietnamese love Jesus Christ because He first loves them from eternity to eternity.

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