“Me” in a bigger story of God

“I have missed it”, that’s what I say after attending a DTS Workshop.

To know who I am, what I need and how I need to change. So, this is what I have learned from this workshop.

I learned that I have my place in God’s story

The Triune God has a perfect relationship and they started this world perfectly until we, human beings, broke it with our rebel. And we lost it!

Then God re-started the world by a flood and made a nation out of one man. He gave them the law and led them to the promised land. But it didn’t work well until His Only Son came. He sent us a solution from heaven to restore what we corrupted.

He did not stop there but continue to send us the Holy Spirit to be with us forever. Here I found myself in His story.

I was neither in the beginning nor Jesus’s time of God’s story. I came after Jesus did everything on the cross and to be restored into a relationship. I am restored as an image-bearer of God. I will pass on this good news so that they will not put themselves in wrong places of God’s story. In DTS, people need to learn that they are at a place where they can experience the new covenant now.

I am restored to live now and to to fulfill the great commission and to make Him known until His Kingdom come again.

I learned about Why We Do What We Do

I have a mission DO FIRST THEN TEACH to help students understand ‘why do we need to hear God’s voice,’ ‘why do we have One-on-One time,’ and ‘why do we need to go Outreach.’ I need to know WHY!

I learned about the 12 stones

The story of how Israel people made a cross through Jordan’s river and each tribe a man picked a stone from the river and put them together as memorial stones so that the whole nation will remember the faithfulness of God who rescued them and remember to worship only.

For YWAM, we also want to have symbolically the 12 memorial stones to keep us remember how God led us in history. And from these 12 stones I think about the city where I live and work, where young people are motivated. I could see the opportunity to share the good news, to disciple and to pioneer. Praise the Lord!

I learned of the discipleship process

It takes time! I looked back to how I disciple others, and I felt ashamed to those students whom I discipled and cared for. It really takes time! It doesn’t like changing the outward appearance. This world teaches us to change everything in a minute. But this way is so wrong! It takes time to change! But as I was a staff, I wanted my students to change immediately and right away. I realized that I can only be with them for such a short-time, and for them to be transformed and faithful to God need a life-time.

Lastly, I learned that Outreach is about proclaiming the good news.

Is outreach about doing good things, building house form homeless people, or doing charity works? Is outreach about preaching to believers, visiting them, or prayer walking? Is that about outreach at all? NO!!!

Outreach is about sharing the good news

As a YWAMer, I need to understand our statement, KNOW GOD and MAKE HIM KNOWN. And we need to share the good news!