The search for direction and leading

I’m a Psychology graduate with a passion for teaching, and I took this course because I felt that God wanted me to enhance my skills and reach out to other people through education. My TESOL experience did not just equip me with the technicalities of creating my own syllabus, lesson plans, activities, and classroom management; above all else, it provided me an environment to seek more of God and to fully depend on Him for wisdom and creativity in teaching.

“The search for direction and leading has always been a challenge for me; but waiting expectantly on God proved to me that He never abandons those who seek Him wholeheartedly. 


The biggest lesson that I learned from my experiences in this seminar is this; when we choose to say yes to God and put aside everything else, truly seeking His Kingdom first, He will answer our prayers, lead our paths, and fill our hearts with joy and peace no matter what circumstances we might encounter along the way.”

– Naomi

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